iCentra Consulting Shines as LeadPreneur Network Dinner Sponsor

On the vibrant evening of December 14, 2023, iCentra Consulting proudly joined forces with LeadPreneur Network to present a transformative Network Dinner themed “Elevate and Innovate.” The event aimed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge to not only navigate but thrive in the deep waters of Nigeria’s economy and beyond, whilst consciously impacting positively on the society.

The event attracted a distinguished gathering of key players from the private, public, and development sectors, creating an atmosphere charged with inspiration and networking opportunities. It was an evening of enlightenment and empowerment as entrepreneurs and thought leaders from different sectors converged to explore avenues for growth, innovation, and enduring impact.

Some of the notable persons who graced the occasion were the Honorable Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Mr. Dele Alake, who served as the Special Guest of Honour; the Chairman of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), Mr. Niyi Yusuf, who was the Guest Speaker; the CEO of iCentra Consulting Ltd., Mr. Taopheek Babayeju, who is also the President of LeadPreneur Network; among others.

In his welcome address, CEO of iCentra and President of LeadPreneur, Mr. Taopheek Babayeju, stressed that entrepreneurs are the endangered species of any macroeconomic space, being the risk-takers who dare to pursue the extraordinary. To excel in their endeavors, therefore, they must embrace innovation and foster collaboration with one another, whilst not omitting to undertake impact investments in the society. He reminded them that great nations are built by entrepreneurs, not governments.

Mr. Niyi Yusuf, with a wealth of experience in leading thriving organizations, shed light on the strategic approach entrepreneurs can adopt to navigate challenging market dynamics, especially in a turbulent economic environment like Nigeria. Drawing attention to the lucrative potential VUCA times have been proven to unearth, he emphasized the significance of entrepreneurs seizing opportunities in crisis-ridden times as now. Expectedly, his message resonated with the audience, inspiring them to view challenges as stepping stones to success, innovation, and impact.

In a thought-provoking address, the Honorable Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Mr. Dele Alake, underscored the crucial role of elevated thinking and innovation – especially among young entrepreneurs – in effecting impactful change. He passionately urged the present citizens to rise to the occasion of aligning their enterprising actions with the vision of a progressive and thriving nation.

The evening was not only a platform for intellectual discourse but also a testament to the commitment of LeadPreneur Network in fostering a culture of innovation and social empowerment in the society. As the anchor sponsor of the event, iCentra Consulting again demonstrated its dedication to supporting initiatives that fuel entrepreneurial growth and contribute to the economic development of Nigeria, being a catalyst and partner for individual and organizational transformation.

Objectively, the “Elevate and Innovate” Network Dinner served as a beacon for Nigerian entrepreneurs, lighting the path towards increasing success and resilience.

The LeadPreneur Network Dinner bagged partnerships from other organizations, such as Microvis Microfinance Bank, Blueblood Veterinary Ltd., Glovis Almonds Group, and HotSpot Network Ltd, Whyfinite, among others – proving the power of vital collaborations in creating a thriving ecosystem where innovation, impact, and empowerment come together for the betterment of our shared future as a nation. Further, this underscored LeadPreneur’s mantra of “Doing well and doing good.”

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