How to Scale Your Team’s Performance

In order to promote the continuous improvement of human resources management as a whole within an organization, it is essential that leaders and managers are attentive to the achievements of their teams’ performance evaluations. With this practice, it is possible to map the current situation of the company in relation to the performance of employees […]

Why Every Business Should Pay Attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are topics that have gained increasingly attention and discourse in recent years, in the media and organizational environments, thanks to movements like ‘MeToo’ and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ All too frequently, though, the story revolves around how businesses fail to reach their diversity objectives. Even though most organizational leaders realize the commercial […]

The Role of the Executive Team in Project Portfolio Management

There are several roles in project management, as well as more than one methodology; they often overlap in more than one way. However, all project management roles, including project portfolio management, require expert skills in organization, time management, resource allocation, and budget management. The project portfolio executive team in an organization is a decision-making body […]