A Peek into the Future of Digital Transformation: What Businesses Should Expect

In the media, you might encounter the phrase, ‘Those who are serious about the future of their company should start its digital transformation now.’ Is it really so? Is digital transformation the future of business? Prior to the pandemic, businesses were primarily oriented toward results without an intrinsic interest in digital transformation. The pandemic, however, forced […]

How to Implement Business Transformation In Your Bussiness

Business Transformation has the primary objective to bring incremental, sustainable value to the organization, otherwise it has failed. The purpose is not only to succeed in the present, but transformation sets an organization for success in the future. Businesses that implement business transformation have significant advantage over their competition and will remain innovative in its […]

4 Bounties of Business Transformation

    There may appear to be so much rave about business transformation, but without a doubt, it’s for a credible cause. The rewards business transformation introduces when implemented right far outweigh whatever initial concerns might have existed prior. Granted a thorough business transformation is never an easy undertaking for any organization as it requires […]

How to Develop a Solid and Engaging Organizational Strategy

Many companies and organizations, including iCentra, have missions to guide their work. iCentra’s mission is “Leveraging innovation and technology to transform people and organizations for excellent performance.” Twitter’s mission is “to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers.” Tesla is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” […]

How to Scale Your Team’s Performance

In order to promote the continuous improvement of human resources management as a whole within an organization, it is essential that leaders and managers are attentive to the achievements of their teams’ performance evaluations. With this practice, it is possible to map the current situation of the company in relation to the performance of employees […]

Why Every Business Should Pay Attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are topics that have gained increasingly attention and discourse in recent years, in the media and organizational environments, thanks to movements like ‘MeToo’ and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ All too frequently, though, the story revolves around how businesses fail to reach their diversity objectives. Even though most organizational leaders realize the commercial […]

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