A Peek into the Future of Digital Transformation: What Businesses Should Expect

In the media, you might encounter the phrase, ‘Those who are serious about the future of their company should start its digital transformation now.’

Is it really so? Is digital transformation the future of business?

Prior to the pandemic, businesses were primarily oriented toward results without an intrinsic interest in digital transformation. The pandemic, however, forced businesses to delve into digital transformation, and many of the businesses that did were able to achieve in a few months things that ordinarily would have taken years to accomplish.

Let’s see what the future of digital transformation has in store for businesses and what should be expected.

An international study by Dell Technologies details how organizations have accelerated their digital transformation amid unusual insecurity. The results of the survey show that organizations have accelerated their digital transformation programs and achieved results in a few months that before now would have taken years. The 2020 Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index (DT Index) is one of the first international surveys to examine the impact of a pandemic on business. The research revealed that eight out of ten organizations have accelerated their digital transformation, and 79 percent have redesigned their business model.

Since the last survey in 2021, the number of digital leaders (i.e., digitally mature) organizations has grown to six percent. Digital recipients, the second most digitally mature group, grew from 23 percent two years ago to 39 percent, an increase of 16 percentAccording to the DT Index, the number of digitally delayed people, the least mature group, has decreased by 6 percent compared to 2018. In addition, there was a significant 17 percent decrease in the number of digital followers. These organizations have moved up among digital recipients or digital evaluators, whose numbers have increased by a similar proportion.

According to the DT Index, the largest digital transformation investments are expected in the following areas in the next 1-3 years:

  • Cyber ​​security
  • Data management tools
  • 5G infrastructure
  • Privacy software
  • Hybrid cloud environment

Recognizing the importance of emerging technologies can help organizations learn to solve and fix things right away. In the future, more organizations will likely use artificial intelligence and data models to predict potential problems. Although driven and accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately, digital transformation is still not a reality for some companies. Still, businesses are expected to be completely transformed digitally in the coming years, so you should jump on the moving train quickly if you haven’t yet.

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