Tunde Ibikunle

Chief Technology Officer

Gain valuable insights into your target market, competitors, and customer needs.

Craft effective strategies to drive competitiveness and achieve business objectives.

Streamline operations and improve efficiency to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Tunde Ibikunle has strong technical expertise in software systems and infrastructure design. He has about two decades’ experience in product integration and customized applications development working with various technologies.

He started his career as system’s analyst at XDS Credit bureau working closely with a South Africa based technology company to develop a platform for credit reporting in Nigeria and Ghana. He became the pioneer head of technology at XDS helping it secure the first issued Credit Bureau license in the country by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

His particular interest in education has seen him also consult for three of UK’s leading universities. This led to the launch of Cognotus, a proprietary suite of cloud and on-premise software which targets reducing administrative inefficiencies, improving teaching and learning whilst reducing costs for education and business clients.

With his strong background in software systems and infrastructure coupled with experience consulting for several state governments and federal organizations in Nigeria.

Mr Ibikunle has a Degree in Engineering and a Master’s in Information Systems from the University of Aberdeen.